Cleanings and Check-Ups

Important Benefits of Dental Cleanings and Check‐Ups 

Prevention of cavities

Plaque, a substance containing bacteria that forms on the surface of
teeth, is the main cause of tooth decay. It erodes the shiny, hard outer
layer of teeth called enamel and causes cavities. You can remove some
of the plaque yourself by brushing and flossing but only a dentist or a
dental hygienist can remove the hardened, stone‐like plaque.

Prevention of tooth loss

Built‐up plaque causes gum disease which is the main cause of tooth
loss. The untreated gum disease allows the plaque to move deeper
down into the gumline, destroying jaw bone in its path and causing
teeth to loosen and eventually the teeth start falling out. However, you
can greatly reduce the likelihood of tooth loss from gum disease with
regular dental cleanings and check‐ups along with daily brushing and

Early detection of dental problems

A thorough check‐up is always a part of a dental cleaning. This usually
includes x‐rays and other detection methods, allowing your dentist to
address problem areas early and thus helping you keep your mouth in
tip‐top shape.

Brighter smile

Coffee, tea, wine, cola drinks and tobacco can leave ugly stains on your
teeth. A thorough dental cleaning can remove these stains, giving you
a whiter, brighter and more confident smile.

Fresh breath

Most people consider bad breath offensive and it is easy to become
self‐conscious of it. For those that work face‐to‐face with other people,
it is important to maintain fresh breath. Daily brushing and flossing of
your teeth, along with regular cleanings, can help preserve a fresh

Prevention of systemic (whole‐body) disease

According to scientific research, there is a proven connection between
oral and whole‐body health. Regular dental cleanings, along with a
healthy lifestyle can help lower your risk of heart disease, stroke and
other diseases.

Detection of oral cancer

Your dentist can detect even some life‐threatening diseases, such as
oral cancer, during a routine cleaning and check‐up.

Prevention of costly dental treatment

You can save money and avoid costly and extensive dental procedures
by allowing your dentist to detect and treat them early.

Insurance benefits

Most dental insurance plans have low or no co‐payments or
deductibles for dental cleanings and check‐ups.

Brighten your day

Most dentists will tell you that they have many, many favorite patients
who have been coming in for years and have become good friends
with them. It can be an uplifting moment for both to get to see each
other and talk. At Stonecreek Dental Care, conversation with our
patients is a part or our daily routine.

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